July 3-4

Entering the log for July 3 and 4, 2005 is Jennifer, '91. Since these two days were as one for us, I'll be covering them in one entry.

July 3, 2005

A group of about '70's started the day by discovering they had been elfed by a classmate who gave them each a piece of candy. They were thrilled to be reliving one more MHC tradition.

The rest of us started Sunday at MHC with a morning of packing. By noon, almost all of our luggage was choking the lobby of Prospect. After lunch, we boarded the busses, practiced counting off to be sure we had everyone, and headed out just before 2 o'clock... we were ahead of schedule and thrilled to be on our way!

The ride to Logan was smooth due to light traffic. The new Ted Williams tunnel brought us right to the airport, we found our airline, unloaded, and began checking in. The process was very efficient and it all happened fairly quickly. As far as I know, we all made it through security without a hitch -- even the knitting needles made it!

Before take-off one of the flight attendants got on the intercom and welcomed our group and wished us luck in the competition. Then she wished Laura, '92 a happy birthday and we sang to her right there on the plane.

July 4, 2005

We landed in Heathrow ahead of schedule and quite early in the morning. We went through customs as a group, so did not get our passports stamped -- which was a disappointment to some. It was a trade off, however, since we didn't have to stand in a very long line with everyone else.

We loaded onto the busses and headed to Windsor castle. We got there before the castle opened, so fit in a lovely walking tour of Windsor first, seeing many interesting sights, including the place where Prince Charles and Camilla were married. The tour guide for one of our busses was actually invited to and attended the ceremony!

After a quick tour of Windsor castle, we had some free time on our own. We gathered at the busses and headed to Runnymeade Park for a picnic lunch. When we arrived, however, it started raining, so we had our picnic on the bus instead. I got to meet up with an old friend that I met while I studied at the University of East Anglia during my junior year. When the rain subsided, some of us hiked through the park to see the JFK memorial in the park.

Then it was off to our hotel to check in. We had a short rehearsal from 4-5 then went our separate ways for dinner. Rehearsal was great. I and my roommate Katie headed out to a nearby French restaurant and did a little window shopping on the way.

We all turned in early -- we have a rehearsal and concert tomorrow in London and are quite tired from our journey! --Jennifer, '91


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