July 5

Greetings from London!
I'm Gina, class of 2001, and I am bringing you Tuesday's update:
So, today we started our day with a dress rehearsal in Grosvenor Chapel in Mayfair (a small neighborhood within London) followed by a lunchtime concert there. Attendance was high and there was an impressive turnout from MHC alumnae living in the London area. Their appreciation and enthusiasm for our music was inspiring and touching. Musically, we continue to come together and find our blend as a musical ensemble. If we continue to improve at this rate, by Saturday next we should be stellar!

Last night was theatre and dinner night for many on the town! I joined about 20 other group members for dinner at the Globe Theatre restaurant with Cathy and her husband John, a professor of English, Theatre and African Studies at MHC. John did a skillfull job of introducing us to the themes, readings, and issues of Shakespeare's "The Tempest" over a delicious and fanciful dinner. The newly recreated Globe Theatre is a beautiful and historical reproduction of the original and the experience of seeing any Shakespearian production in it is well worth it! Most of us had the authentic experience of standing in "the pit" for the entirity of the play. This creative rendition of "The Tempest" starred 3 male actors, 3 female dancers, and a choir of 6 (mostly men, one woman) voices. Standing for 2.5 hours amongst a mob of people, in the light rain of an open air theatre in London makes you feel a bit like living in the 17th century, and nothing any of us will forget any time soon!

This morning, Wednesday, we are off to Cardiff, Wales via some sight-seeing stops in Bath. So, farewell London!


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