More Notes from July 5

Greetings from London! My name is Jamie, class of '01. I'm living in Portland, ME, working as a program coordinator for a small, wonderful company called Affinity that provides one-on-one in-home support for children with developmental disabilities. I sing in two choirs in the Portland Area, Women in Harmony and the Oratorio Chorale. Both are on break for the summer, so I am very excited about this opportunity to sing and travel with the Alumnae Choir. This is my first visit to the UK.

Today we performed at Grosvenor Chapel. We left the hotel mid-morning in concert dress to rehearse before the concert. Then we had time to relax and socialize over hearty bag lunches (the biggest you've ever seen) at the church. Cathy decided we would start the concert with the US National Anthem because there are American connections to the chapel. It served as a regular worship space for many American troops during World War II. Several people commented that this concert felt better muscially than did our first in South Hadley. We closed our performance with the MHC Alma Mater, and I was delighted to see many London area alumnae in the audience.

After the concert, everyone split up for free time roaming about London. After coffee with fellow choir members and Georgianna, '01, who now lives in Oxford, we went on to visit the Natural History Museum. I was happy to learn that most museums in London are FREE! I also got to reconnect with my friend Shradha, whom I met on a volunteer trip to Thailand last summer. She took some of us on a double decker bus ride to an Indian restaurant for dinner. It was great to have some free time to see a bit of London before moving on to our next destination. --Jamie, '01


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