First Day -- June 30, 2005

To introduce myself, I'm Cynthia, a member of the class of 2000, and an Alto 2. While at MHC, I majored in Women's Studies and sang during all four years at the college. I live in Auburn, NH and I'm a high school social studies teacher.

Well, we all seem to have arrived at MHC safely, though some later than planned due to weather delays in the Midwest. During arrival, we all received our tour shirts (blue polo shirts with the tour logo) and our concert dresses. These dresses are on loan from the Glee Club and require hemming -- so we have all spent the better part of a few hours pinning up hems and sewing. Current South Hadley weather leaves something to be desired, what with the heat and humidity, however, we are all coping with grace so far.

Also exciting for the day was our first dinner together, where we had our first opportunity to get to know each other better as we set out on this adventure. After dinner, we had our first rehearsal in Pratt (air conditioned!) -- it was amazing to finally hear all of these singers making music together. We have work to do, for sure, but being in the presence of all of these amazing women makes it enjoyable.

Future updates to the blog will be from tour members other than me! Enjoy! --Cynthia, '00


Photo Test Post

This is a test photo post using a free service called "Flickr." Although this is a photo of my class reunion from this spring, most of the people in this photo are also singing alums!
--Cynthia, '00



Our little blog has gone "live," if you will, in that now other people know about it!

The current plan for the tour and posting is thus:
- I'll be looking for "guest bloggers" to help with posting on the tour, signing up one to two people per day to post
- We plan to try to post every day, understanding that the schedule might be derailed by availablity of internet access and our touring schedule! Singing beautifully will be our top priority.

We'll try to post photos as possible and keep all of our friends and family updated about our adventures!

Want to help? Look for the email that Debby sent to you about the blog -- it has details about how to get in touch with me via direct email.

Coundown to South Hadley: less than 3 weeks!

Learn that music, take care of yourself, and travel safely when the time comes. See you soon! --Cynthia, '00