Arriving home...

A couple tie up notes from the “Blogmistress stand-in” Gina!

Today was a travel day, from Stratford to London to Boston to South Hadley to home, for most of us. Some of us left the group for further travel and adventures, while others peeled off for different paths home at Logan airport. In general, we are safely arrived and happy to be back. Our thanks to all the drivers, pilots, guides, agents and other people who ensured our safe travel.

Some future thoughts to know…
When Cynthia returns to the US (she is among those still traveling in the UK until the 20th of July) she has promised two things…

-A photo community of some sort will be set-up for the distribution and sharing of photos amongst tour-participants.

-A second blog will be established for the tour-participants to keep in touch with one another and to share stories and memories from the trip. Cynthia will create a username and password for tour-participants, as it will be a closed community of users, and will be in touch with the details when they are available!!

Until then…continue to enjoy the music, the memories, the stories and the energy that we shared with each other.

Gina ‘01


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