July 6

Riki here, class of '75 from Brunswick, ME covering July 6.

Many of us enjoyed yesterday's free afternoon and evening in London, visiting sites like the Museum of Science (Chris '71, Jean '74), Kensington Palace (Alison '75, Mark, our accompanist), and the London Eye (Suzanne '77, Betsy '78, and yours truly). Many of us went to many different theater productions in the evening, including "Woman in White," "Billy Eliot," "The Producers," "The Lion King," and "Far Pavilions." All this fun in London made today's 8:15 am departure from the hotel a bit of a challenge. Nonetheless, our new Welsh tour guides, Bryn and Judy, in two new coaches, emblazoned with the red Welsh dragon, had us rolling away from the Kensington Close Hotel on time, heading out the M4 motorway to the historic city of Bath.

Any trip to Bath must start with the Roman Baths. While in line, we obliged the staff's request for music in the restored Music Room with a few rounds of "Jubilate Deo" and "Dona Nobis Pacem." From there, everyone did her own thing, exploring Bath.

What was the best part?
-- "The silver, porcelains, and Wedgewood at the Holburn Art Museum." --Alison '75
-- "The Bath Abbey, where Edgar was crowned the first king of England in the year 793." --Susie '72
-- "The whole religiosity of the Roman Baths and their focus on Sulis Minerva, the Roman goddess of healing." --Boots '70

Lunch, wheather pasties, ice cream, or something more substantial, was on our own throughout Bath.

After two more hours of rolling countryside, we crossed the Severn River into Wales. Bryn welcomed us with "Croeso I Caerdydd" or "Welcome to Cardiff." A guided tour through the Cardiff Castle completed the afternoon. The castle, now owned by the city of Cardiff, still shows the Roman walls -- a lavish summer home was rebuilt for the Stuart-Crighton family around the original Norman "keep."

For the next two nights, we are at the Novotel Hotel in Cardiff. After dinner, we rehearsed. Guests visiting Jennifer '91, all native Welsh speakers, pronounced our Welsh fully satisfactory -- hooray! Then Deb and Cathy gave a preview of the next few days. The Llangollen International Eisteddfod officiall opened yesterday and today's news in Cardiff announced winners in the children's choir competition. The Eisteddfod is big news here, and we're looking forward to our chance to compete on Saturday. --Riki, '75


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