Sunday, July 10

Marilyn, Class of 1969

The denouement of a novel is that point where the main plot is resolved; all that remains is to tie up loose ends. That’s what today was. Eisteddfod is over, we’ve left Wales, and are on our way home or on to further travels in Britain.

But there were still a few events, and a few surprises….
Such as the 7:05 AM fire alarm at the John Milton resident hall, rousting us out of our rooms in various states of dress or undress (thanks to John Lemly who ran off to get college officials to turn it off; it turned out that steam from someone’s shower set it off)…
And the second hotel with a defunct elevator, the Falcon in Stratford…

But the real event of the day was the farewell dinner. Already, some have left the group for their own travels. But most of us remained to assemble for this very special dinner, with thanks to all tour participants!

We recognize Debby, Paula, and Jean, respectively, for the first, second, and third rounds of wine at the tables!

Bryn, our fantastic Welsh guide, presented the following ditty:

A choir from Mount Holyoke
Such friendly and talented folk
Did travel to Wales
(With just a few males)
And the Eisteddfod tradition did soak.

They traveled from London to Bath,
Cardiff was next in their path,
Chepstow of course
Where they sang themselves hoarse
Led by their conductress Cath (arine).

Llangollen was next on the list
The sun did shine in their midst
The check-in at Chester
Was a really big tester
But patience in the end did persist.

So to Catharine and all in the group
Jean, Judy, Lee, Emyr and troupe
To you all at this time
I dedicate this fine rhyme
Three cheers I request you to whoop!

MC Alicia introduced the 6 groups and their performances, along with a few other surprises…

The Bass Clefs presented the “2006 entry for Llangollen” in the Barbershop category, nursery rhymes with Jean conducting, waving Bryn’s Welsh flag.

The Quarter Notes performed a parody of rehearsal, with Mark conducting, complete with exaggerated Cathy mannerisms.

Connie “Everyone is a Queen (or King)” gave that title to everyone, culminating in Cathy’s being The Queen of Queens.

The Treble Clefs did the “Gong Show,” with Cathy as the gongmaster. The Erie Canal received a reinterpretation as the “Llangollen Canal.” John lectured on why fire engines are always red.

The Sharps presented “Sing What I Tell Thee,” a takeoff on “Go Where I Send Thee.”

A “musical” interlude featured Mark and Alison playing “Show Me the Way to Go Home” arranged for two kazoos.

The Double Flats presented “Sing a Song” with graceful sign language added.

The Triplets presented the MHC Goodnight Song, with an added verse for the choir and the trip.

There were many gifts!

Cathy presented Judy and Bryn, our guides, with the CD, MHC Glee Club Christmas Concerts, Volume 3. She presented musical-themed socks to Alicia, the MC. Joan and Debbie each received a wine coaster.

Bambi and Tina presented a Shakespeare finger puppet and a painting of the Shakespeare statue to John Lemly.

John presented a Welsh dragon to Cathy.

The tour gave Mark two tickets to a Broadway show of his choosing. Each group presented mementos to Cathy, including Roman bath salts, the book, “The Right Way to Sing,” a Welsh lovespoon in the shape of a treble clef, a Welsh dragon apron hat, and pin, a Llangollen 2005 plate, and a framed photograph of the choir performing at Llangollen.

Altogether a wonderful, memorable evening, and a fitting end to a terrific trip! It was unforgettable! ---Marilyn, ‘69


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